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Good Without God: Doesn’t it Take Just as Much Faith Not to Believe?


Doesn’t it take just as much faith not to believe in God? (13)

Epstein mentions the pat response that “the ‘burden of proof’ is on those who assert a belief, not those who deny it.” He also says that in this case, it wasn’t good enough.

How would I respond? Let me give it a shot. “No, it does not take faith to deny an assertion that has not been supported by evidence, even if you don’t have a good alternative to that assertion. Take the example of lightning, in an era where it remains unexplained. The faithful may claim that a particular deity is the cause, also claiming that to deny this explanation would require faith in an alternative explanation. A reasonable response would be that even if I lack an explanation for the lightning, it takes no faith for me to point out that your particular explanation is lacking in evidence. The intellectually honest stance would be that of open-minded self professed ignorance. Such is the case with certain basic questions like ‘how did the universe come to be?’ or ‘What happened before the big bang?’ Some say God is the answer, and that one must have faith in some unproven theory to dismiss the God answer. This is not a rational stance.”

Is that the best I can do right now? If it could be cut down to about half the words, I’m sure it would be better. Alright! Let’s move on.

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