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Good Without God 2: A Brief History of Goodness Without God


Page 43: The Epicureans

An interesting point to make here is that nowadays, living without God is often equated with shallow hedonism. After all, if there is no life after death, no supernatural values to hold, why not just eat, drink, and be merry? Of course this is a very ignorant view. I can be deeply in love with someone without God existing to tell me so. I can care about suffering, and decide to work with others to allay it, without God having to exist to tell me so. I can look at my kids and see the future in them, a better world, one of peace and harmony, without God existing. It seems pretty ridiculous to equate God to the deeper values in life.

Page 58: Epstein writes about suffrage vs. the Bible. I suppose this is one case to be made against “What’s the Harm?” Religion let’s people feel righteously justified in doing the wrong thing. Secularism demands that the reasons we provide for our actions not be immune from criticism, and each action is open for debate. If an idea is a good one, it should not be hard to demonstrate it as such. If it is a bad one, that should also be demonstrable. In religion though, we have unquestionable creeds. Things to be taken on faith. We believe. . .

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