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Good Without God 5: Pluralism: Can You Be Good With God?


Epstein is working to build bridges here, I can see it. Well I guess it’s no secret. Epstein is trying to paint the non-religious with a broader brush than the ‘incendiary’ words that Harris or Dawkins may use. I think that’s fair. This question continues to come up. Epstein would be what you consider an ‘accommodationist’ most likely. He has some warm and fuzzy anecdotes about people getting along from theistic and non-theistic backgrounds.

Of course this can happen, and it’s nice when it does. There’s lots of common ground out there, and it is true that the emphasis goes on the differences. But we can’t ignore those differences. I would consider myself anti-religious in that I think to be religious is to abandon reason, and I think that is a harmful lifestance in general to take. It can also help people justify their own prejudices, instead of submitting them to the light of reason.

It’s important to note that Epstein’s book is not out there to convert people, and if his goal is to look nice and gain a little acceptance in society, then I think that he is doing decently. He would represent himself pretty well.

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