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Sense and Goodness Without God- VIII: Conclusion


Carrier repeats his main argument on page 411: Metaphysical Naturalism is the only worldview that is supported by all the evidence of all the sciences, the only one consistent with all human experience, the established truths of history, and reason itself.

Here is the importance of promoting Metaphysical Naturalism:

Metaphysical Naturalism is tailor made-for advancing human survival and welfare. Its rigorous respect for truth and caution, and reliance primarily on what is evident to all people and thoroughly demonstrated, will ensure stability in ideology, and thus in society. Our worldview is constantly attenuated to the facts, which never really change. Our approximations to the truth do change- though as they do, such changes become less and less common, and more and more trivial and esoteric, as the truth is approached. This stands in stark contrast with religious ideologies, which are grounded in no permanent facts and thus subject to constant and profound alteration and upheaval as societies and whims drift (412).

Total smackdown of other worldviews. If naturalism is what it seems to be, then I am in full agreement. I have seen no religious ideology that is focused so much on finding and remaining with, the truth. It is good for humanity to have a metaphysical system based in reality.

The evolution of Christian ideology alone has bean profound and unending, never finding any agreement at any time, but always fracturing into more and more sects with no way to reconcile them. . . naturalists throughout history, who have arrived at their views wholly independently of each other, even in widely differing cultures, have all converged toward the same general conclusions and world picture (413).

This is a good point too. We converge. There may be something that we all have in common, and hopefully that is truth. I’ll have to explore whether, or to what extent, the above is evidence against religious viewpoints.

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