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Reasonable Faith 8: The Resurrection of Jesus 2


Craig spends some time going over the history of the resurrection debate.

The main defense of the resurrection is coming up, and is structured as follows. 1) establish facts which will serve as historical evidence, 2) to make an argument to the best explanation for Jesus’ resurrection.

Next, we come to an assessment of arguments for placing the resurrection of Jesus in “historical quarantine.”

Bart Ehrman:

Ehrman’s objection is that historians can only analyse the natural, and so any supernatural occurrence cannot be established by history. Craig responds that we can establish 1), that is, all the facts that support resurrection, therefore there is no reason to deny the best explanation, even if it is supernatural in nature.

John Meier:

Meier says that 3 conditions must be fulfilled, that a historic event occurs in our space-time continuum, that the event must be in principle observable by anyone, and that the event can be reasonably inferred from established facts. The third condition can be fulfilled, he says, but the second and first cannot be.

Craig’s response is the Meier does not establish the second conditions impossibility, and that given that Jesus really did come back from the dead, saying it can’t be historical makes no sense. Lastly, the Christian view is that Jesus did not leave our space-time.

Dale Allison:

Dale’s objection is that there must be a physical continuity for a resurrection to occur, otherwise it’s a different being. Craig responds that Jesus’ body was intact, so no problem there, and for dualists, identity is non-physical, so Dale, a dualist, should still have no problem.

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