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Reasonable Faith 8: The Resurrection of Jesus 3


Second line of evidence is that Jesus appeared to many people.

Paul lists many people that Jesus appeared, and said stuff like “some are still living” implying that some eyewitnesses could be asked about it. Secondly, the Gospels have multiple attestations of Jesus appearing. Craig also points out that all the testimonies were that Jesus appeared bodily, not simply in the mind, and that these testimonies were independent. Not a coincidence.

Craig counters the hallucination explanation saying that it has less explanatory scope, that visions of a dead person would imply that he is dead, not resurrected, and that there were too many varied independent occurrences for it to be covered by the hallucination explanation.

The last line of evidence is the Origin of the Christian Faith: Jews had no conception of a Messiah who would be executed, so it’s likely to have needed to be true. If the beliefs didn’t come from Jesus, they must have come from Pagan or Jewish influences. The Pagan influences (Osiris, Apollonius) are overblown as similar, and do not actually involve resurrection. The Jewish influences show that there was no resurrection of a Messiah planned. The resurrection of all people was really the only understood resurrection.

Therefore it must be Christian influences!

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