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Jesus Interrupted 1: A Historical Assault on Faith


Short chapter outlining Ehrman’s previous books. No real new ground here, although Ehrman briefly mentions things like the conflicting Gospel accounts, the bizarre, wrathful God of the Old (and new) Testament, and the lack of belief in modern doctrines, like the Trinity, and the divinity of Jesus. All these things, as Ehrman stresses, are in line with mainstream historical-critical method and finding, even that which is taught in seminary.

Kindle Notes:

The historical-critical approach has a different set of concerns and therefore poses a different set of questions. At the heart of this approach is the historical question (hence its name) of what the biblical writings meant in their original historical context (142).

Once one comes to realize that the Bible might have discrepancies it is possible to see that the Gospels of Mark and John might want to teach something different about the cleansing of the Temple, and so they have located the event to two different times of Jesus’ ministry (185).

In Joshua 6, God orders the soldiers of Israel to attack the city of Jericho and to slaughter every man, woman, and child in the city (241).

The authors of Job and Ecclesiastes explicitly state that there is no afterlife (266).

And I began to see that many of the traditional Christian doctrines that I had long held to be beyond question, such as the doctrines of the divinity of Christ and of the Trinity, were not present in the earliest traditions of the New Testament but had developed over time and had moved away from the original teachings of Jesus and his apostles (329).

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