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The Case Against Christianity 5: The Incarnation


Martin splits the chapter into two parts. The first challenges the coherence of the incarnation. The second challenges the factual basis of the incarnation. Martin claims that not only is the incarnation incoherent, but even if the coherence problem were solved, there is no factual basis.

This is a good approach, and one which applies to theology and perhaps other issues as well. The Christian concept of God is not only incoherent, but it lacks a factual basis. Same with free will.

“Even in modern parapsychology where laboratory controls are used, there is great difficulty in ruling out explanations of the results in terms of fraud. By various tricks trained experimenters in ESP research have been deceived into thinking that genuine paranormal events have occurred” (p. 153). Martin is referring to the Project Alpha experimenters by James Randi. What a good point. Should we trust those who claim ESP powers until proven guilty of lying/trickery?

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