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Scaling the Secular City 5: The Historicity of the New Testament


Moreland lays out a case for the reliability of the Gospel tradition. I have trouble following it all. So many considerations. One of these days I’ll need to spend some time reviewing the arguments and counter arguments and actually seeing whether they address themselves.

First he lays out some general tests for historicity. Are they good ones? How the heck do I know? He also lays out a case that there were eyewitnesses, and that those eyewitnesses influenced the Gospels. He continues with the claims that the marks of historicity are present in the Gospel. Lastly, he lays out the case that the Gospels were written very soon after Jesus was crucified, limiting the claims that there was time for a legend to develop.

Couldn’t answer these claims if they were posed to me. It requires too much research. I ought to at least be able to remember what parts of Ehrman/Carrier/Price address this, but I don’t.

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