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Arguing for Atheism 6: Are God and ethics inseparable or incompatible?


Here Le Poidevin sort of loses me, for once. He brings up Euthyphro, seems to answer it in some way for the theist, but then puts forward a further problem, that of moral pluralism and autonomy, saying that atheist ethics better solve the problem. His moral pluralism point seems the weakest. He argues that a society with many views of morality may be better than one with a single view, therefore God deciding what view is best is a problem. Really? I guess it depends on how we define morality. As Harris says, maybe there are multiple peaks of the moral landscape, but I don’t see a problem with a God saying or deciding what peak is highest. How is that a problem? Next, I find his moral relativism as a solution to be really problematic. Morality! When will I get to you. Sort of want to reread this chapter as well!

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