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The Existence of God 7: Cosmological Argument


This chapter says that the existence of anything/the universe makes the existence of God more likely, since the God posited gives us a strong chance that we would see the world as it is.

I have trouble seeing how God is the simplest explanation, and given the existence of everything, I don’t see why a God would create such a thing. I don’t follow Swinburne’s saying that God must be morally good in some human-like way.

Even Swinburne acknowledges the difficulty in guessing God’s motivations, and this is the crux of his argument that God would create the universe as we see it. Very shaky foundations. I don’t think the existence of the universe makes some agent creator more likely, nor do I find God to be a simple hypothesis.

Kindle Notes:

To postulate a G of very great but finite power, much but not all knowledge, etc., would raise the inevitable questions of why he has just that amount of power and knowledge, and what stops him from having more, questions that do not arise with the postulation of God (1952).

Note: Why infinite vs. finite? The questions remain.

In the Dialogues Hume suggested that polytheism was at least as good an explanation of the existence of the universe as is theism: (1955).

Note: How about infinite # of Gods?

Yet, of course, our judgements as to what a perfectly good God might do may be in error, because our views of moral goodness are limited; and, as I emphasize throughout this book, we cannot often give more than the roughest of values to the probabilities that I discuss. Nevertheless, if the moral intuitions about what a perfectly good God would do that I am commending to my readers are in any way close to the truth, we must conclude that the logical probability that, if there is a God, there will be a physical universe is quite high (2037).

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