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The Existence of God 8: Teleogical Arguments


I’m still figuring out what the response is to the teleological argument. Seems like there are a few places where objections can occur.

1. The science- don’t know about that one
2. The philosophy- it seems like a lot of this argument is just the sharpshooter fallacy. We exist, and of course it is very unlikely that we do, but each random ten cards dealt is also unlikely. Why do we count us as a hit, and not something else? Isn’t this what is called ‘life chauvinism’?

There is so much weight given to life as well, but I don’t buy the argument that God has a good reason to create us. Swinburne keeps calling us ‘good’ or saying that it is ‘good’ that animals exist, or that the universe is ‘beautiful,’ but he doesn’t defend that these are objective truths. It is unsurprising that as a human, I find my own existence good, and find many things beautiful in the universe, but why should my experience lead to the conclusion that my existence is objectively good, or good from God’s viewpoint? At most, this is a huge assumption, but perhaps an intuitive one (God thinks like you) and so it feels more credible that it actually is. Intuition pump.

And yet my responses lack rigour. I need to understand this one better, no doubt.

Kindle Notes:

Study of the present data of physics and cosmology will allow us to say roughly how probable on those data are the three different theories-on (2184).

Note: Are those the only theories?

However, it would be the height of irrationality to postulate innumerable universes just to explain the particular features of our universe, when we can do so by postulating just one additional entity-God (2214).

Note: Wouldn’t infinite universes be simpler on Swinburne’s logic?

Science requires us to postulate the simplest explanation of the data, and one entity is simpler than a trillion (2215).

Note: But not simpler than infinite! What a glaring contradiction.

So, if there is a God, humans will have libertarian free will, and so humans will be humanly free agents (2282).

Note: If there is no libertarian free will there is no God.

becomes-why are there not just any laws of nature, but laws of a particular kind such that together with the initial matter-energy at the time of the `Big Bang’ would lead to the evolution of human bodies (2301).

Note: Is this the sharp shooter fallacy?

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