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The Non-Existence of God 3-7


That includes Ontological Arguments, Cosmological Arguments, Teleological Arguments, Arguments to and from Miracles, and God and morality.

Been slacking on posts so far, but the stuff in here has been pretty straightforward. Or I’m not paying enough attention.

The cosmological argument is challenged on many levels, not just on the personhood level, but in the possibility of an actual infinite. I still have trouble understanding that stuff. Teleology is pretty interesting too. The fine-tuning argument is challenged by pointing out that we are in no position to judge how much the laws of nature can differ from what they are. It seems like there are infinite possibilities, but maybe some are much more likely than others. A die for example, has 6 sides, 8 points, and 8 edges. Does that mean that if we roll the die, there is a one in 22 chance of it showing a 6? Nope. Because the points and edges have likelihoods that are almost zero. Could be the same for laws of physics, so we can’t infer a creator.

Miracles looks at Hume, and Morality criticizes divine command theory via Euthyphro, and says that there are really no good ways to base morality in God, while acknowledging that how to base morality is still a tough question.

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