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The Miracle of Theism: 5-9


So I just read a few chapters real quick. Just finished the problem of evil chapter, so all I’m going to do is drop a quick insight.

Some people use the free will defense saying that we need free will, since the possibility of evil makes good better, or that we need free will to not be automata, and that makes us sin.

But wait, God either freely chooses good always, or is not free to choose evil, and he is perfect. Therefore perfection can be obtained either without freedom, or without the possibility of acting in an evil way. Boom. In your faces.

There’s also the idea that there are plenty of evils I, and pretty much everyone finds them very easy to avoid. I easily avoid killing babies. I am free to do so, but I don’t. In fact, I never will. Therefore there’s nothing incompatible with freedom and always choosing the good. I am free to kill baby or not kill baby. I choose not kill baby. I always choose the good in that case. If God can create a being with desires that lead to not killing babies, while preserving the freedom to do so, then God could create beings who freely choose the good in all cases.

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