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Reason for the Hope Within: 6-8 Faith and Reason, Religious Plurality, Eastern Religions


Not much to comment on. The faith and reason I don’t really care about that much. They’re really just trying to show that reason is okay to pursue, which I’m cool with. The plurality and Eastern religion chapters seem to attack viewpoints I also don’t hold. The critique of Buddhism and Hinduism may be accurate. Also, it seems important for people not to make the case that people’s worldviews are determined by their birth, therefore their worldviews are wrong, since it is self defeating. A more careful case would be that one cannot simply assume one’s worldview to be correct without analysis, since other’s who use that method of picking religion end up choosing totally opposing worldviews. We need to use methods that will successfully distinguish one worldview’s truth status from another, not privileging the view we were born into.

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