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Atheism 4: The Cosmological Argument


According to Martin, Craig says that “The idea that anything, especially the universe, could pop into existence uncaused is so repugnant that most thinkers intuitively recognize that the universe’s beginning to exist entirely uncaused out of nothing is incapable of sincere affirmation” (p. 102, quoted from Craig’s book Kalam Cosmological Argument).

But Craig (or Moreland) in Philosophical Foundations defined a free act as one where, given 2 choices “nothing determines that either choice is made” (p. 270). Does that imply that nothing caused the choice? I suppose the libertarian stance is that the agent is the cause of the choice. Does that successfully escape from the objection that libertarian free will entails an uncaused act? Maybe.

There’s some worthwhile stuff on Craig’s Kalam argument. Very glad to see Martin reflecting my opinion that after supposedly showing that the universe had a first cause, the next step, showing that it is God “is very condensed and obscure” (p. 103). Always just a paragraph or two, even among tens of pages.

Martin says that “Craig relies on the principle of determination” that says that “when two different states of affairs are equally possible and one results, this realization of one rather than the other must be the result of the action of a personal agent who freely chooses one rather than the other” (p. 103- again quoted from Kalam Cosmological Argument). I don’t remember reading that anywhere else in Craig’s writings, but it seems close to what Craig believes.

Martin also addresses Swinburne and some dude I never heard of named Reichenbach.

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