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Atheism 5: The Teleological Argument


Longest chap in the book.

Four teleological arguments responded to. The most common one is probably the analogy, which is also the one most quickly dismissed by Martin.

He points out that if we argue from a designed watch to a designed universe/life, we open ourselves to many unfortunate parallels. Watches typically need multiple designers. Watchmakers are finite, flawed, natural. Does any of this sound like God? The design argument in this sense suffers from Hume’s stopper- even if it works, it doesn’t bring us to God. Might it be a good piece in a cumulative case? Maybe, but Martin doesn’t think the argument works at all.

More thoughtful design arguments are in here. This is one area where I need a lot of work to understand better. It also seems to be the most popular argument out there.

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