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Atheism: 7 The Arguments from Miracles


Was glad to see Martin sidestep the objection that miracles are impossible in principle. That seems to be just a case of redefining the issue. The real issue is how occurrences like healings, rising dead, survivals, etc., may affect the likelihood that God exists.

Martin has many approaches, but prior probability seems the most important. It ought to take a lot of evidence to prove that a miracle likely happened.

Martin goes further and suggests that even if miracles occur, many other supernatural explanations may follow. Maybe this is correct, but is seems to be a shallow win for an atheist, if he showed that although God does not follow, a supernatural explanation is warranted. A much more interesting debate is the comparison between naturalism and supernaturalism. That would erode many of Martin’s objections, including the idea that polytheism or psychic powers may be explanations.

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