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Atheism 13: Atheistic Teleological Arguments


Martin takes a novel approach, making a design argument against theism. He is coming to the inductive conclusion that since everything we know of that is designed was designed by embodied beings, it is likely that if the universe has a designer, it is also embodied.

He answers objections, but I’m not sure he captures the best ones. He points out that larger things don’t grow in their likelihood to be designed by disembodied beings, so the universe, the largest thing there is, doesn’t have any higher chance of being designed.

But wouldn’t an embodied being be part of the universe? How could an embodied being exist outside of the universe? It would seem that on most conceptions of the universe (all that there is, not just one among many universes), anything outside the universe that created it would have to be disembodied, or outside time, or different in a fundamental way from embodied beings within the universe. That’s why I would have trouble accepting Martin’s inductive argument.

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