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Logic and Theism Notes: VIII-IX


Nor does Hume in “Of Miracles” mention motivational puzzles, which would detract from the probability of some marvelous events being bona fide miracles by particular volitions of the Deity(4583).

When equal, prior probabilities can be ignored (4892).

reports of lotteries are like reports of the ordinary run of unremarkable possible facts. And in precisely this they are unlike reports of what would be marvelous and wondrous things (with all of this Price agrees – pp. 167-8) and very unlike what would be miraculous happenings of religious significance (4976).

It was I suppose clear from the start why, if anyone were to tell you that a man had died and come back to life, you had best not believe him without substantial corroboration (5061).

As a first approximation to an articulation of the idea, I offer: A being h is omnipotent if and only if, for any action a, b can do a (i.e., it is logically possible that h should do a) if and only if someone can do a (i.e., it is logically possible that someone should do a) (5226).

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