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Daylight Atheism 1: Fossil Fuels


His book is an unapologetic” an argument for the truth of no faith. There may or may not exist a being we would call god. . . but so far we have no good reason to believe that there is. Moreover, there are excellent reasons to think that none of the religions human beings have ever believed in are true. . . That is the conclusion that this book will uncompromisingly defend.”

Lee makes an analogy between fossil fuels and religion. Our society is very advanced, but runs on the antiquated fossil fuels. Similarly, our society also runs on the cultural antiquated fuel of religion. “The fossil fuel of religion seriously threatens the future of the human species” (18)

Claims that people who report on religion focus on the good, so he decides to show the other side. (19). How about some backing of this with data?

“It will be one of the major themes of this chapter that people become irrational and dangerous to the precise degree in which they truly believe their religion and take it’s claims seriously.” (19)

Acknowledges that most believers are not fanatics, but decent people. Claims that good people would do good without religion, but others do bad because of religion(19) How about good people doing more good with religion?  Would need to answer the more charitable giving stuff, or at least provide evidence of good non-believers -he does this to some extent on page 32.

Lee goes on to provide examples of the harm religion causes, from terrorism, to abortion and contraception rights, euthanasia, apocalyptic beliefs.

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