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Daylight Atheism 6: Life Without Superstition


Lee argues for a meaningful, positive view of atheism, answering the claims that atheism is a pessimistic, nihilistic view on life. While I can say I admire much of Lee’s writing skills and poetic turns of phrase, I think there’s at least one serious problem here in his section on what atheism offers.

While being an atheist does, as Lee states, free one from fear of hell, demons, and original sin, it is hard to see how atheism in itself offers the happiness of intellectual freedom (127). There’s really nothing contradictory between dogmatism and atheism, and historically, it seems there are a few examples of the two being put together politically. And how about banishing religious hatred? Does Lee really think that atheists don’t ever hate others based on their religious beliefs? It also seems like a pretty severe stretch that atheism establishes the equality of all. How does not believing in God manage to do that? There is nothing contradictory between atheism and racism.

Perhaps Lee wants to equate atheism with rationalism, or humanism, or some other such reason based philosophical worldview, but his book is not defending rationality itself, or humanism. It defends atheism.

Aha, finally some real substantive flaws.

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