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Irrationality 5,6: In-groups Out-groups, Organisational Folly


Chapter 5:

Kindle Notes:

1. Whether you are a member of a committee or a golf club, be careful not to be carried away by the prevailing views. Consider and express counterarguments.
2. If you are forming a committee, ensure that different viewpoints are represented.
3. If you are the head of an organisation, try not to be affected by sycophancy.
4. Be wary of forming stereotypes, but if you do, remember that not everyone will neatly conform to them (1134).

Chapter 6:

Kindle Notes:

Presumably the ones promised $20 thought that this was a good enough reason for telling a fairly venial lie, while those offered $1 could not use this excuse. They therefore pretended to themselves that the task was less dull than it actually was in order to reduce the extent of their lie (1496)

Note: Like placebo? Affects memory, not event. It’s not mind over matter, but interpreting memories or misremembering to make reality go in line with expectations.

1. Beware of overrating the results of a choice you have made, particularly if it has cost you a great deal of time, effort or money.
2. Try not to move by small steps to an attitude or action of which you would initially have disapproved.
3. No matter how much time, effort or money you have invested in a project, cut your losses if investing more will not be beneficial.
4. Value any activity or possession at the price it is worth to you now, regardless of the past.
5. If you are persuaded to do something distasteful, try not to minimise its unpleasantness in order to justify yourself. 6. Never allow an insurance salesman past your front (1512).

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