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How to Think About Weird Things 4: Knowledge, Belief, and Evidence


Seems to be a sort of review of the philosophy of epistemology. There’s the classic definition of knowledge as being justified true belief.

On a side note, I feel like I came up with a decent solution to the counterexamples to this definition of knowledge. Really, knowledge just needs to have some connection, some causal connection to the things it has as its object. The counter-examples seem like not knowledge because they remove that causal connection, and make it sheer coincidence that the person is right.

Anyways, there are some more good rules of thumb concerning expert opinion. Someone can be an expert in one field, and totally wrong in other fields, and expert opinion provides a good prima facie reason to believe or doubt a proposition. There is also a breakdown of the suggested “methods of knowing” like faith, reason, intuition. Of course faith is lame, but both intuition and reason get a qualified stamp of approval, at least in some situations.

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