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59 Seconds: Happiness


Here’s a list of claims and page numbers. May add citations in at some point:


13- Happiness increases sociability, altruism, self-esteem, conflict resolution ability, and immune system.1

14- Lottery winners were no happier in the long run.

15- Once the necessities in life are covered, more money does little to increase happiness.

16- Trying to suppress negative thoughts may increase how much we think about them

17- About 50% of our happiness is genetically determined.

19- Talking about problems doesn’t help people destress.

19- Writing about traumatic or stressful events does help.

20-Weekly journals tracking gratitude may lead to increased optimism and happiness.

21- Visualizing an ideal future can improve happiness, although it may not aid in achieving your goals.

22- Writing about people you love increases happiness, reduces stress.

26- Buying experiences leads to more happiness than buying material goods.

32- Spending money on oneself is likely to increase happiness.

35- Acting happy, at least in some ways (smiling, posture) can actually increase happiness.

37- Intentional changes (new hobbies, joining clubs, new career) led to longer lasting happiness than circumstantial changes (new house, raise, new car).


1. (Just for experimental purposes- no notes here yet.) [↩]

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