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Cognitive Science 14: Looking Ahead- Challenges and Implications


Super short chapter. The Human Connectome Project is already underway, run by the NIH. It’s an attempt to map the entire structural and functional connectivity of the brain. We’re surprisingly ignorant of what the brain is doing when there is no “cognition” at all. There’s still a lot of activity, but so far just the conscious, controlled activity has been studied. Bermudez also expects the interdisciplinary nature of Cog Sci to extend more to economics and law. Lastly, there is a paragraph or two about the “hard problem of consciousness.” Bermudez seems fairly optimistic, contra Chalmers. I was expecting a lot more on consciousness in this book, given that that I thought was necessary for “cognition.”  It’ll be interesting to see what Blackmore’s book will cover, given that Bermudez represents the “science” as being more or less non-existent.

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