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Yeesh, not another cosmological argument

At some point in my adult life, I opened my eyes and realized how little I know about the universe, and how little time there is to actually figure things out. Thanks to a pensive nature and a slightly obsessive personality, I’ve dedicated myself to working progressively towards a better understanding of things that matter. Thanks also to experiences of re-reading books and not remembering a single thing from them, I’ve decided to take notes on pretty much everything I read to prove that I’ve actually done something with my life, and help refresh my memory if I revisit the topics.

I’ve already completed one project on philosophy of religion, which spanned two years and about 10,000 pages, and marked the longest sustained effort I’ve ever put into figuring something out. While I’m alive, I hope to figure out rationality, morality, consciousness, and later move on to more areas like politics, history, and science.

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